1-Day May 23(THU), 2013
12:00-13:15 Registration
Invited Sessions
Invited Session A: DGIST          [ Camelia Hall ]
Emerging Sensor Technology for Civil and Military Applications: Radar, Laser and Vision

Organizer / Chair : Jonghun Lee
(Principal Research Engineer, DGIST)

Invited Session B: ETRI          [ Dalia Hall ]
The Technologies for Autonomous Control CPS (AC-CPS)
Organizer : Chaedeok Lim
(Managing Director, ETRI)
Chair : MinSoo Ryu
(Professor, Hanyang Univ.)
13:15-15:05 Opto-Mechatronic Vision Technology For Military and Civil Applications
Min Young Kim
(Professor, Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.)
The Key Technologies for Large-scale Autonomous Control CPS
Won-Tae Kim
(Principal Engineer, ETRI)
Laser Rangefinder (LRF) for Military Applications
Cho, Joon-yong
(Chief Research Eng.,
Hanwha Corporation Defence R&D Center)
Trends of Smart Car and Software Technologies
Bong-Sup Song
(Professor, Ajou Univ.)
Detection Algorithm of UWB Radar for Automotive Applications
Seok-jun Ko
(Professor, Jeju Nat'l Univ.)
Qplus-AIR : A DO-178B Certifiable ARINC 653 RTOS
Tae-Ho Kim
(Senior Research Engineer, ETRI)
Development of Radar Sensor for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles
JeongHo Park
(Chief Researcher, LIGNex1)
The Network Technologies for Dependable CPS
Chul-Ki Kim
(Professor, Korea Aerospace Univ.)
Interactive Session I
[ Clavel Hall ]
Chair : Moon G. Joo (Professor, Pukyoung National University) / Byung Rak Son (Senior Researcher, DGIST)
15:05-15:50 Interactive Session
Keynote Speech I
Chair : Chaedeok Lim (Managing Director, ETRI) [ Camelia Hall ]
15:50-16:40 【 Secure Integration of Mobile Devices and Real-Time Frame Authentication in
   Automotive Networks ]
Kang G. Shin
University of Michigan, USA
Kevin and Nancy O’Connor Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Interactive Session II
[ Clavel Hall ]
Chair : JaeMyoung Kim (Principal Researcher, ETRI) / Joon Hyuk Yoo (Professor, Daegu University)
16:40-17:25 Interactive Session
Keynote Speech II
Chair : Kyung-Joon Park (Associate Professor, DGIST) [ Camelia Hall ]
17:25-18:15 【 Cyber-physical Elements of Disaster Prepared Smart Homes and Environment ]
Jane Win Shih Liu
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Department of Electrical Engineering
[ Clavel Hall ]
18:30-20:00 Opening Address
Sang Hyuk Son
General Chair of ISET2013
Fellow, DGIST
Welcome Address
Heung-Nam Kim
President of IEMEK & ETRI
Congratulatory Address
Sung-Chul Shin
President of DGIST
Outstanding Paper Award

2-Day May 24(FRI), 2013
08:00–09:30 Registration
Invited Sessions
Invited Session C: DGIST [ Camelia Hall ]
Core CPS Technologies to Support Smart Life
Organizer / Chair: Taejoon Park
(Associate Professor, DGIST)
Invited Session D: GITC [ Dalia Hall ]
Smart Device Technology for Vehicle & Mobile Industry
Organizer / Chair: Suk, SooYoung
(Team Leader, GITC)
09:30-11:20 Self-Organizing Service Infrastructure for Person-Centered Healthcare and SoSp Watch as a Personal Activity Blackbox
Soon Ju Kang
(Professor/Director of CSOS Center, Kyungpook Nat'l Univ.)
A Unmanned Vehicle Controlled by Vision System
JeongHyun Kim
(Senior Researcher, GITC)
Gammachirp Algorithm for Digital Hearing Aids Systems
Choon Sik Cho
(Associate Professor, Korea Aerospace Univ.)
Application of Lidar Sensor for Automobile
Yong-Cheol Kang
(Team Leader, KETI)
Quasilinear Control for Cyber Physical Systems
Yongsoon Eun
(Associate Professor, DGIST)
Development of Automotive Radar for Blind Spot Detection
Jong-Hun Lee
(Principal Researcher, DGIST)
CPS Technologies for Space Networks – Resource Management with Advanced Transmission Antennas
Jihwan Choi
(Assistant Professor, DGIST)
The Research of Constructing and Operating the Real-world Image Data base for Verifying the Recognition rate of ADAS based Image Sensor
Hyeongju Noh
(Senior Researcher, KATECH)
11:20-11:40 Coffee Break
Keynote Speech Ⅲ
Chair : Yongwan Park (Professor, Yeungnam University) [ Camelia Hall ]
11:40-12:30 【 New Technology in Smart Device & Mobile Services in SKT 】
Songmin Andy Kim
SK Telecom Fusion Technology R&D Center
Senior Vice President
[ Clavel Hall ]

Keynote Speech Ⅳ
Chair : Sang Hyuk Son (Fellow, DGIST) [ Camelia Hall ]
13:30-14:20 【 A Client-centric Approach to Interoperable Clouds 】
Mukesh Singhal
University of California, Merced, USA
Chancellor's Professor
Department of Computer Science
14:20-14:30 Coffee Break
Invited Sessions
Invited Session E: ETRI [ Camelia Hall ]
Automobile/Ship-IT Convergence Technologies at ETRI
Organizer / Chair: Joochan Sohn
(Managing Director, Industries IT Convergence Research Department)
Invited Session F: GNU & KAI [ Dalia Hall ]
Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) Techniques for Midsized Aircraft
Organizer / Chair: Yong-Kee Jun
(Professor, Gyeongsang Nat'l Univ.)
14:20-16:20 Introduction on Development of Decision Making/Control Technology of Vehicle/Driver Cooperative Autonomous Driving System (Co-Pilot) based on ICT
Han, WooYong
(Director, Autonomous Driving System Research Section)
Design of PFD and Core OFP on IMA complied with FACE
Jongsoo Hyun
(Senior Fellow, KAI)
Introduction to the Vehicle-IT Convergence Platform and Fault Prediction Technology through Vehicle Sensor Data Analysis
Oh-Cheon Kwon
(Director, Vehicle IT Convergence Research Section)
An Efficient Graphics Framework using Embedded Hardware for Avionics Applications
KnKyun Lee
(Assistant Manager, HUONE Inc.)
AR-HUD: Augmented Reality Technology for the Vehicle Head-Up-Display
Kyongho Kim
(Director, Vehicle Interaction Research Section)
Next Generation of IMA Platform Technologies
Sangcheul Lee
(Department Manager, Intellics Inc.)
Design and Implementation of Cooperative Vehicle-Infra System for Autonomous Valet Parking Service
JeongDan Choi
(Director, Cooperative Vehicle-Infra Research Section)
A Cost-Effective Implementation Strategy for FACE Platform-Specific Graphics Services
Hwanyong Lee
(Senior Technical Director, HUONE Inc.)
MariComm: The New Approach to Maritime Broadband Wireless Data Communication
Dae-Seung Yoo
(Ph.D., Ship/Ocean IT Convergence Research Section)
Parallel Programming for Multi-core Architecture in Avionics
Ok-Kyoon Ha
(Research Fellow, Gyeongsang Nat'l Univ.)
※ This program subject to change.
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