Built on the success of previous seven ISET symposiums, the eighth International Symposium on Embedded Technology (ISET 2013) is to be held in Daegu, Republic of Korea. The symposium provides a forum to exchange the recent advances and developments in embedded software, hardware and systems, to foster the international communication and collaboration, and to promote the industrialization of embedded technologies in a broad range of application areas.
  Especially, we focus on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and its applications to intelligent vehicles, practical robot systems, and medical/brain systems. The term CPS refers to the tight conjoining of and coordination between computational and physical entities. In CPS, computing, communication, and control capabilities are converged with all types of objects and structures in the physical world.
  This important gathering will provide a forum for researchers, developers, and providers from academia and industry to address the key research challenges, and to present and discuss their new ideas, research results, applications and experience on all aspects of embedded systems. A sincere welcome awaits all visitors at the symposium.
The symposium invites papers on all aspects of embedded software and systems as well as CPS.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Novel, application-specific architecture for embedded systems
  • Embedded hardware/software co-design
  • Embedded software and middleware architecture
  • Real-time systems / Internet technologies and web services
  • Verification & testing techniques
  • Modeling, analysis and synthesis techniques
  • System abstractions, services and OS support for CPS
  • Detailed case studies for CPS
  • Novel applications for CPS and embedded systems
    - Intelligent transportation and vehicles
    - Intelligent robots
    - Intelligent medical devices and systems
    - Smart physical infrastructure
       (smart grids, smart buildings, smart highways)
  • Submission Deadline for AbstractApril 10, 2013
    April 19, 2013
  • Notification of AcceptanceApril 25, 2013
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